Clinton John @ Gosnells Knowledge Centre

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6:30 pm - 7:30 pm

Knowledge Centre, Gosnells
2232 Albany Highway, Gosnells, 6111

Clinton John @ Gosnells Knowledge Centre at Knowledge Centre, Gosnells

Imagine individual stars as sentient beings, living for billions of years in bodies of light, part of a vast heavenly family, and a massive vibrant society.

Local author, Clinton John, offers a fascinating story from the Astraverse – part mystery, part love story – Astra Somnia asks, “What if stars are alive?”

Join an evening at Gosnells Knowledge Centre which Mayor Dave Griffiths says, “are designed to inspire more people to read, follow a passion for writing or become more engaged with their local library”.

AstraSomniaBookClinton John is a perpetual student, a voracious reader and massive Science Fiction fan. An Aussie with wanderlust in his blood, he’s settled close to family in Perth. Pummelled by intense dreams since childhood, he now regularly swims the global dream library. Astra Somnia is his first catch.

There are other novels set in the Astraverse, yet to be reeled in and cleaned up. Astra Exilium will expand on stellar society, and the pivotal role played by the exiled stellar, Zest as Breccia. However, the characters in other future novels like The Maestro and Moon Bugs also berate Clinton, begging to be typed, and it is in those worlds that he is now coasting the currents.

Dream loudly, little stars.

Bookings essential. Call the Knowledge Centre on (08) 9391 6000 to reserve your place.

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