Creating Characters @ Thornlie Library (with Shane McCarthy)

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6:00 pm - 7:30 pm

Thornlie Public Library
Connemara Dr & Culross Avenue, Thornlie, 6108

Creating Characters @ Thornlie Library (with Shane McCarthy) at Thornlie Public Library

Join this writing workshop and learn about storytelling through writing comic books.

Learn about the importance of believable characters, energetic scenes, and the art of the cliff-hanger. Bring your questions and enjoy Shane McCarthy’s informal flair.

Shane McCarthy presently resides in Perth, Western Australia, officially one of the top ten most furtherest away from everywhere places on the planet.

Shane is a freelance writer whose work has been published internationally by DC Comics, Marvel Comics and IDW to name a few. Over the years he has written BATMAN LEGENDS OF THE DARK KNIGHT, DETECTIVE COMICS (starring Batman), DARK X-MEN, DAREDEVIL, STAR WARS and TRANSFORMERS: ALL HAIL MEGATRON.

Bookings essential!
Call (08) 9251 8750 or email to book your place.

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10 thoughts on “Creating Characters @ Thornlie Library (with Shane McCarthy)

      • Izmeina says:

        Thanks Rebecca.

        I did send an email to Thornlie library yesterday and I’m still waiting for a reply.

        I remember Shane’s talk in Victoria Park library in November 2013. He was very inspiring and informative.

        I’m doing an online course about superheroes at the moment

        It’s at the half way mark now but definitely worth signing up for next time it is offered.

        • Hadiyah says:

          Izzy, how long did it take for you to get a response? I sent them an email on Monday and still haven’t received confirmation. Not sure if I have to do anything else. Bit stressed about it as the event is tomorrow. :/

          • Hadiyah says:

            Should probably clarify that I was booking for the Plot-Storming event (the one that is tomorrow) as well as the above event in my email. My comment might make more sense that way. πŸ˜‰

          • ML Rebecca Laffar-Smith says:

            Assume that the booking went through fine, Hadiyah. It’s possible they didn’t send out confirmations but you should still be in their system and if not we’ll add you tonight and confirm you for Shane’s event directly with the library while you’re there. πŸ™‚

          • ML Rebecca Laffar-Smith says:

            That’s good to hear. πŸ™‚ They probably just added you to their list and maybe don’t have a “reply to confirm” system in place so the next you hear from them is in their “pre-event reminder” that they send to everyone who registered.

          • Izmeina says:

            Hello Hadiya

            I only just noticed your question this evening. Looks like your problem has been solved but the Thornlie library folks were pretty quick and had replied a day later on September 16th.

            I guess I had booked too early and they didn’t have their systems up and running.

            So far I like South Perth and Armadale libraries which let you make online booking rather than having to ring, send an email or turn up in person.

            Looking forward to Shane’s workshop as I remember the one he gave in 2013 which was excellent.

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