Write In – Rockingham

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1:00 pm - 3:00 pm

Rockingham Arts Centre
11 Kent Street, Rockingham, 6122

Write In – Rockingham at Rockingham Arts Centre

Create! Be Inspired! Stay Motivated!

Whether you’re taking the 50K in 30 days challenge of National Novel Writing Month, or working toward a different writing accomplishment, finding the time and energy to write regularly can be challenging. One of the most effective ways to challenge the Resistance to making the writing happen is to schedule your writing block and connect with others working toward similar goals. That’s what our Write Ins are all about.

  • Connect with other writers!
  • Experience the energy, excitement, motivation, and inspiration of sharing a common purpose.
  • Get to know people who understand what it’s like to have characters bouncing around in our heads trying to get out.
  • Share the trials and torments, and celebrate the triumphs and tribulations with people who can truly empathise and understand your joys and miseries as a writer.

Think of Write Ins as time that’s just for you;
time for your words, your story, your dreams

Everyone is committed to increasing their productivity and everyone pushes and encourages everyone else to keep at it, get the words written, and reach those fabulous milestones. It’s such a magical and energetic environment.

Come experience it for yourself!

Write Ins are primarily spent writing so bring along your laptop, tablet, or pen and paper. We do chat from time to time, but everyone who comes to the write ins is expected to add (or edit) words on their individual work-in-progress. It’s a great opportunity to spitball if you’re facing a challenge, but then get back to work and strive ahead.

*** If you find you’re challenged by being in a public location with external noises and conversations, consider coming along with headphones. We do not feel rejected when writers create this kind of sound barrier to focus on their work. (In fact you’ll find at every Write In our municipal liaison, Rebecca Laffar-Smith, will hook herself into her computer in this way too when she’s in ‘high-focus’ mode.) Please, don’t let your concern that you’ll struggle to produce this way hold you back from giving it a try. Most writers discover in time that they really don’t need “perfect” conditions because when the energy, fire, and drive is right the words are there. Write Ins are pretty magical in creating that energy, fire, and drive. Give it a go!

*** If you have any other concerns about being able to get the writing done at our Write Ins, please send Rebecca an email rebecca@writealongthehighway.org. She’d love to help ease your worries or talk about strategies to overcome Resistance.

Please book your place so we know how many to expect. You can do that right here on our website with the button below!

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