Brochure/Passport: Because Stickers Are Cool

STICKERS! That’s what it’s all about.

Grab your brochure/passport at any of our participating libraries!Okay, so maybe it’s not just stickers. It’s really about coming along to some great author talks, workshops, expos, and write ins, but every time you do you can earn a sticker. At all of our Write Along The Highway events someone will be manning a sign in sheet where attendees can check in and collect a sticker to put in their brochure/passport. Remember, the brochure/passport is available from all our participating libraries, so stop by the one closest to you to make sure you have one. Or pick one up at the first event you attend.

STICKERS! Be sure to grab your sticker at every event you attend!What’s the point?

Well, those stickers add up the more events you attend and having stickers in your brochure/passport increase your odds of winning fantastic prizes. There are three opportunities when prizes will be awarded. Two of them require you to be in attendance but the third is a catch all in case you can’t make it to the other two events.

  • First, when you bring your brochure/passport with you to Write Night!, we’ll collect them when you sign in and award prizes before returning them to you at the end of the night.
  • Next, when you come along to the TGIO Family-Friendly BBQ you can hand in your brochure/passport and collect some cool stuff.
  • Finally, if you can’t make it to TGIO shoot me an email in December and I’ll let you know where to post your brochure so that you still have a chance to win!

Please, even if you’re not interested in cool prizes (um… you do have a pulse right?) still collect stickers and hand in your brochure. These help us track the success of our events and the festival as a whole so that we can plan for next year. They also provide us with good records so that we can have an easier time applying for funding and promoting the event to potential sponsors. So, don’t just do it for you (and because stickers are cool!) but do it to help us ensure WATH continues in future years.

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